The plattler is a peasant dance in slow 3/4 time.  Each measure has three beats. The first and fourth beat are called the DOWNBEAT as we count two measures.
1 2 3 4 5 6
for 1/4 notes 
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6
for 1/8 notes 
Many plattlers, like the Reit Im Winkel, the Gauplattler, the Haushamer and the Haitauer, all have the same pattern.  The Eingangplattler sequence contains 16 measures.  The Durchplattler sequence contains 32 measures. The last 16 meaures are the same as the Eingangplattler sequence. Our group refers to them as a short and long plattler sequence.  The Eingangplattler is the short sequence.  The Durchplattler is a long and a short sequence. The short plattler sequence usually contains an Aufsprung or kick. You may see them refereneced in documentation as plattler 1 and 2 or plattler A and B.
The traditional sequence is as follows:
  • Einmarsch
  • Ausdrehen
  • Eingangplattler (Short Plattler Figure) / Women's Twirl Sequence
  • Einholen and Waltz
  • Durchplattler (Long and Short Plattler Figure) / Women's Twirl Sequence
  • Einholen, Waltz and Schlussfigur
  • Ausmarsch